Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Broken Road"

“Broken Road”

Don’t know how to take- this feeling I’m feeling
Hoping through heartache- Your strength revealing

No secret paths to escape- but there’s rest along the way
I must walk this Broken Road - trust that beside me you stay

There... for a moment- I felt your hand in mine
Saw you in the face of a stranger- so loved in time

For just a moment- this temporary heard eternity
Knew hope in the one you sent - to walk this Broken Road with me
Broken Road- winding, twisting, turning
Jagged stones- rising and falling
Branch high- branch low
Watching with every step
Can’t stay where we are- gotta walk on -on Broken Road
You know how to take - this feeling that I’m feeling
How to bring me through this heartache- your love healing

The path will be smooth again- Broken Road will come to an end
I’ll find my feet on streets of joy- dancing to the footsteps of a friend

In that moment- I find I’m not alone dancing to that sound
Walking on the path prepared -with your children gathered round

Soon will be the moment - of hope’s great reveal
Broken Road is only memory - Healing’s streets are the real

LN Maher
(C) 2010 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (3/20)

I was surprised when it came out so openly speaking what I was feeling -
It's funny how the image of that road keeps winding through my head-
So rough to go through-
but just when it seems too much -
a rest comes to bring strength for the next part of the journey...
and finally to "Streets of Joy." :).
May you know hope - No matter what the road you are traveling on brings you :).

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Holy and Perfect"

“Holy and Perfect”

Holy fire. Perfect fire.
Burn in me. Burn in me.
Flame of God. Perfect fire.
Burn in me.
Until I am what I’m meant to be.
Holy fire.

Oh may the flame consume me,
Until the ashes are transformed to Glory.
And may the beauty that you give - in return for what’s burned away -
Find a heart to spark a fire into
Holy rain. Perfect rain.
Rain on me. Rain on me.
Waters of God. Perfect rain.
Rain down on me.
Until I am what I’m meant to be.
Holy rain.

Oh may the waters flood my soul,
Until all fear is drowned and made me whole.
And may the life that you give to this barren land,
Find its way to your heart.
Holy wind. Perfect wind.
Blow on me. Blow on me.
Breath of God. Perfect wind.
Blow on me.
Until I am what I’m meant to be.
Holy wind.

Oh may I be blown away,
By every word you say.
And may the life that I live,
Be proof enough of who you are.

LN Maher
(c)2002 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (1/16/2002)

May we all get to the point where our desire to be free from the ugly things that bind us to this fallen world - make us cry out for them to be destroyed by the power of a loving and gracious God.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

“Its Only A Moment”

“Its Only A Moment”

Take a deep breath- close your eyes-
Try not to try... for just a little while
God is speaking- be still and listen
Go through the moment- laugh and cry and smile

Its only a moment in time
Soon enough -joy will come again

We will see the highest heights
We will know all we need to know
We will dance with grace... to the sound of God’s heartbeat
We will be still and listen to the voice of God calling us on

Take my hand - as God hold yours
Try not to dwell... on anything but now
God is speaking- be still and listen
Go through the moment- to the distant shores

Its only a moment in time
Soon enough -hope will come again

We will see from the highest heights
We will know all we need to know
We will dance with grace... to the sound of God’s heartbeat
We will be still and listen to the voice of God calling us on

Take another step - into healing
Try not to question... what you already know
God is speaking- be still and listen
Go through the moment- through everything you’re feeling

LN Maher
(C) 2010 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (3/9)

There are moments that no measure of "common sense" can bring us through - when that big vat of chaos will not be ignored... When only an encounter with the sound of God's voice will calm our spirits...

In those moments it can become so difficult to do the one thing that will bring us through--- to be still enough to hear God whispering our name... To recognize God's voice shouting, "I love you!" in the rumbling of our minds.

But his voice is there - echoing through every moment we find ourselves in... Calling us to lean into his arms and put our head on his strong shoulders... Calling us to be still so he can speak life to our souls.

May you come to many moments that cause you to be still enough to hear God speaking over you.

"New Day"


See the sunlight dancing on the mist of the morning
Hear the bird’s song soaring on the wind
Feel creation rejoice as the new day is dawning
Night is passing as our new song begins

Jesus! JESUS! My heart is drawn to you
A deep but quiet longing in my soul
To know you in all of your glory
To see you face to face, and be guided by your hand in all I do

Sunrise up to this new day
Clear the skies prepare the way
Call us to the eternal song, the praise of our God - - -
On this new day

Break the chains that held us so long
Shatter the walls that held our song
Shine the light, let us see your kingdom
Open our ears - let us hear the sound of freedom - - -
Ring praise on this new day

See the sky crack open as he calls us Home
Hear the trumpet blasting through the clouds
Feel the earth shake as the gates are opened wide
Home forever... God by our side

Call me! Call me! Call me to you!
I want to drink of Heaven’s waters
I want to dance with you on streets of gold
I want to see your face, and know I’ll never be taken away
I want to be with you... on this new day

LN Maher
(c)2002 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (2/9/2002)


For 8 years that was the last song I wrote... I'm not really sure why I stopped writing - I wanted to - it was a great source of emotional expression for me- but it wasn't something I could force... I tried to make myself sit down and write what was in my head but it never came out right.

So as this new day begins I am so thankful for all I have been given- great friends- a beautiful day- a job that requires me to stay creative- snugly pets- and a knowledge that God is speaking (even if I sometimes have to get really still to hear his voice)

Have a great "New Day"

Monday, March 8, 2010

"A 'Simple' Prayer"

“A ‘Simple’ Prayer”

Dear God if I can just rest my head on your shoulders-
Feel your arms around me and drift off to a dream
A dream of a place - were we stand together
I know this wish is never as far away as it seems

A dream of a time -
When time only tells us- its time for more of you.
When each human heart cries out in celebration
And all creations breaths a sigh -
finally free from the fallen race...
In a dream all Heaven isn’t far from my view

Dear God if I can just wake and feel your arms around me-
Lift my head from your shoulders and look into your face...
Find myself waking - to the dawn of a new day
Where life is waiting- to show your mercy and your grace

A new day filled with love and wonder-
A day to live and laugh and learn
To reach to each human heart- in love and celebration
To hear the words that all creation cries
To call to you - giving each moment
To hear your voice - our God - and speak to you in return

Dear God if I can just know you-
In every moment I go through
Feel you near - see you working through me
Hear your voice - and know that you are here in all that I do.

Just a simple prayer... because I need you here :).
LN Maher
(C) 2010 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (3/4)

As excited as I was to get my first song in 7 years there was something even more fulfilling in the fact that a week later I got another...

I guess it was the hope that this isn't a fluke- That maybe something that I enjoyed so much and got so much out of is finally coming back :). I hope so...

"Simple Prayer" is something that has been playing softly in my head for several months... and probably the most intimate song I have ever written... I see it in my head and it gives me hope- that no matter what I am feeling God is there - ready to take me through it...

For those of you who are coming by to see these entries - Thank you for your time... I am honored that you would be willing to take a look at what I've written - and I pray that you are able to be encouraged by it... I write mostly because its in my heart and needs a way to express itself - but also because I hope - in some way to share the hope that I have been given.

Please feel free to comment on anything you see in these entries... I would love to hear how you think about what I've written... Please - be honest

Thanks again... for listening to "A 'Simple' Prayer"

Sunday, March 7, 2010

“When The Rocks Get Silent”

“When The Rocks Get Silent”
(LUKE 19:40)

When the rocks get silent -
When the wind is still-
And the trees have clapped their hands...

When a sound all creation
has been longing for
Echoes all through the lands
The sound of the ones - who so desperately needed -
Someone - to speak in their place

The sound of voices rising - finally joined
Speaking only praise...
Oh when that day comes...

Side by side- hand in hand
Bound together- by Love itself
A power that until that day- we can only hope to understand

Finally heard in each voice raised -
Joy beyond all imagination...
Hearts opened with the song of praise.

LN Maher
(C) 2010 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (2/25)
Since I finally got around to writing the first song I liked in 7 years I decided that I wanted a place that I could share my work -and enjoy it too... So I will start this off with that song... Have a great day :).