Sunday, March 7, 2010

“When The Rocks Get Silent”

“When The Rocks Get Silent”
(LUKE 19:40)

When the rocks get silent -
When the wind is still-
And the trees have clapped their hands...

When a sound all creation
has been longing for
Echoes all through the lands
The sound of the ones - who so desperately needed -
Someone - to speak in their place

The sound of voices rising - finally joined
Speaking only praise...
Oh when that day comes...

Side by side- hand in hand
Bound together- by Love itself
A power that until that day- we can only hope to understand

Finally heard in each voice raised -
Joy beyond all imagination...
Hearts opened with the song of praise.

LN Maher
(C) 2010 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (2/25)
Since I finally got around to writing the first song I liked in 7 years I decided that I wanted a place that I could share my work -and enjoy it too... So I will start this off with that song... Have a great day :).

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