Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"New Day"


See the sunlight dancing on the mist of the morning
Hear the bird’s song soaring on the wind
Feel creation rejoice as the new day is dawning
Night is passing as our new song begins

Jesus! JESUS! My heart is drawn to you
A deep but quiet longing in my soul
To know you in all of your glory
To see you face to face, and be guided by your hand in all I do

Sunrise up to this new day
Clear the skies prepare the way
Call us to the eternal song, the praise of our God - - -
On this new day

Break the chains that held us so long
Shatter the walls that held our song
Shine the light, let us see your kingdom
Open our ears - let us hear the sound of freedom - - -
Ring praise on this new day

See the sky crack open as he calls us Home
Hear the trumpet blasting through the clouds
Feel the earth shake as the gates are opened wide
Home forever... God by our side

Call me! Call me! Call me to you!
I want to drink of Heaven’s waters
I want to dance with you on streets of gold
I want to see your face, and know I’ll never be taken away
I want to be with you... on this new day

LN Maher
(c)2002 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (2/9/2002)


For 8 years that was the last song I wrote... I'm not really sure why I stopped writing - I wanted to - it was a great source of emotional expression for me- but it wasn't something I could force... I tried to make myself sit down and write what was in my head but it never came out right.

So as this new day begins I am so thankful for all I have been given- great friends- a beautiful day- a job that requires me to stay creative- snugly pets- and a knowledge that God is speaking (even if I sometimes have to get really still to hear his voice)

Have a great "New Day"

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