Monday, March 8, 2010

"A 'Simple' Prayer"

“A ‘Simple’ Prayer”

Dear God if I can just rest my head on your shoulders-
Feel your arms around me and drift off to a dream
A dream of a place - were we stand together
I know this wish is never as far away as it seems

A dream of a time -
When time only tells us- its time for more of you.
When each human heart cries out in celebration
And all creations breaths a sigh -
finally free from the fallen race...
In a dream all Heaven isn’t far from my view

Dear God if I can just wake and feel your arms around me-
Lift my head from your shoulders and look into your face...
Find myself waking - to the dawn of a new day
Where life is waiting- to show your mercy and your grace

A new day filled with love and wonder-
A day to live and laugh and learn
To reach to each human heart- in love and celebration
To hear the words that all creation cries
To call to you - giving each moment
To hear your voice - our God - and speak to you in return

Dear God if I can just know you-
In every moment I go through
Feel you near - see you working through me
Hear your voice - and know that you are here in all that I do.

Just a simple prayer... because I need you here :).
LN Maher
(C) 2010 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (3/4)

As excited as I was to get my first song in 7 years there was something even more fulfilling in the fact that a week later I got another...

I guess it was the hope that this isn't a fluke- That maybe something that I enjoyed so much and got so much out of is finally coming back :). I hope so...

"Simple Prayer" is something that has been playing softly in my head for several months... and probably the most intimate song I have ever written... I see it in my head and it gives me hope- that no matter what I am feeling God is there - ready to take me through it...

For those of you who are coming by to see these entries - Thank you for your time... I am honored that you would be willing to take a look at what I've written - and I pray that you are able to be encouraged by it... I write mostly because its in my heart and needs a way to express itself - but also because I hope - in some way to share the hope that I have been given.

Please feel free to comment on anything you see in these entries... I would love to hear how you think about what I've written... Please - be honest

Thanks again... for listening to "A 'Simple' Prayer"

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