Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Broken Road"

“Broken Road”

Don’t know how to take- this feeling I’m feeling
Hoping through heartache- Your strength revealing

No secret paths to escape- but there’s rest along the way
I must walk this Broken Road - trust that beside me you stay

There... for a moment- I felt your hand in mine
Saw you in the face of a stranger- so loved in time

For just a moment- this temporary heard eternity
Knew hope in the one you sent - to walk this Broken Road with me
Broken Road- winding, twisting, turning
Jagged stones- rising and falling
Branch high- branch low
Watching with every step
Can’t stay where we are- gotta walk on -on Broken Road
You know how to take - this feeling that I’m feeling
How to bring me through this heartache- your love healing

The path will be smooth again- Broken Road will come to an end
I’ll find my feet on streets of joy- dancing to the footsteps of a friend

In that moment- I find I’m not alone dancing to that sound
Walking on the path prepared -with your children gathered round

Soon will be the moment - of hope’s great reveal
Broken Road is only memory - Healing’s streets are the real

LN Maher
(C) 2010 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (3/20)

I was surprised when it came out so openly speaking what I was feeling -
It's funny how the image of that road keeps winding through my head-
So rough to go through-
but just when it seems too much -
a rest comes to bring strength for the next part of the journey...
and finally to "Streets of Joy." :).
May you know hope - No matter what the road you are traveling on brings you :).

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