Tuesday, May 10, 2011

“Waking Up”

“Waking Up”

Waking up from this Dark Night of Faith...
Yet sleep never really seemed to come...
I never thought I could have wandered here
But the grief has left me numb...

Morning songs come rushing to my ears
My heart awakens and I arise
From the sorrow that has covered me with fears
I’m drawn to the light that shines a new day on my eyes

The message rings loud and strong:
I come to you... Creator of my soul...
Lord, come fill this darkened land with light...
I bring you all my brokenness... please come and make me whole...
I need you here... So much more than I need answers in this Dark Night

The heart of God calls to the heart of man
I see you in all that surrounds me... a powerful display
And though I am afraid to hope... I choose to live again
I cannot loose the light of this day

Come everyone gather round
Lift up your voices and hear the sound
Of the blessings of the presence of God holding us near
He’s brought light to the Dark Night and brought hope for your fear

Waking up to the Dawn of a New Day
Hear the sounds of life echo though
The light of hope in a colorful display
Draw near to life as He holds on tight to you...

LN Maher
2010 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (10/04)

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