Thursday, January 10, 2013

11:22 (Bus Trip)

“11:22 (Bus Trip)”

Heal me Lord, free my body from this pain
Free me Lord, bring deliverance from these chains
I have nothing to give, but a heart wanting to obey
I come to you in brokenness, please don’t turn me away

Free me Lord, my spirit feels so numb
My knees are ripped and torn from dragging my feet when you say come
I long to run to you in freedom and dance with you in joy
Without you to lean on I’m as still as an unwound toy

Clean me Lord, ‘til the inside seems to glow
Fill me Lord, Please let it overflow
It’s so hard to see your presence scrape over this barren land
I long to walk in your pastures and feel the warmth of your hand

LN Maher
© 1997 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar

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