Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Ride With The SON"

“Ride With THE SON”

Carry me on the wings of your will
Sing your songs to me till I am still
Take me over the dark clouds that drift over the valleys
And when each day is begun:I want to ride with The Son

I want to ride with The Son
I want to soar with the wind
I want to dance with the fire and carry Your message to this world that I’m in
I want to shine with the stars
I want to grow with the trees
I want to be with youLet all who see me know... What it is to be free

Place my feet on your path and teach me your ways
Speak your word to me all of my days
I hear all of creation echo your word
And as this course is runI want to ride with The Son


They will declare the glory of Our God
They will proclaim the work of His hands
They will pour forth speech and display knowledge
That is heard without a word
Throughout the land

And as I see creation, I am filled
With a desire to see the work fulfilled
May your word be voiced loud and strong
Oh Lord, give your people the strength to move as one
I want to ride with The Son

LN Maher
©1999 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (8/27)

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