Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"I Remain"

“I Remain”

You spoke this world to be... Placed me here with a plan and a purpose that’s so much more than I can see
And when the darkness dimmed my view... You called me... to keep holding on to you...

I want to want to be here...
To see the beauty in all there is to see and more
I long to wake...
knowing, there is so much more than the days before

I remain... here in a world that’s broken,
but still filled with joy
I remain... here in a time of loss,
but so much is gained
I remain... here facing all that has been,
and embracing what you made me to be
I remain...

I want to want to be here...
to reach out to the hope that comes with you here with me
I long to walk among the ones who remain with me...
& see more of you in their eyes as they look to see

I remain... here to celebrate with all creation...
the mighty works of your hands
I remain... here to live my life,
and see the goodness that you’ve placed here for me and I am changed
I remain... here to feel the feeling of living,
as I morn what’s lost and wait for the time to come...
I remain...

I choose to be here... to see your glory in this place
Lord here I am... lead my heart... show the way

LN Maher
2010 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (9/14)
With Special thanks to my friend Vickie Kraft

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