Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Look To See The Son"

“Look To See The Son”

Shadows of what could have been
Shadows of the war from sin
Shadows of grief and pain
After the shadows - what will remain - will remain

I live in The Shadowlands, but I look to see the sun
Darkness is attached to to all I see
As I look at my surroundings - fear grips my heart, and I try to run
I find the greatest horror is the shadow connected to me


Blinded by fear of the shadows all around
My steps carry me to the darkness and all I am is consumed
It’s so dark and cold inside - I wonder, can any hope be found
Inside the blackness of the shadows - all I see is doom


But then the cold I feel forces my feet to go
Again my steps take me without really knowing where
To my surprise... I’m taken to the line, where shadow and light show
I run to the sun’s light - and find warmth there


I look to see the sun shining in the sky
I find strength to hope again in the warmth of it’s light
I see truth - as I watch the clouds drift by
The sun shines whether our eyes see day or night


Comfort comes in knowing the dark shadows will not remain
That there will come a time when The Son will forever shine
We will walk in The Light, and never know fear again
And a joy past all we’ve ever known - forever, will be yours and mine

LN Maher
©2000 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (7/27)

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