Tuesday, January 8, 2013



Beyond all that I can see
Beyond all that I know
Beyond anything I could ever imagine
Beyond what I can do on my own - when He calls I will go

And in that journey I walk in healing
On that path I walk in victory
With every step I walk in joy
I walk in the strength He has given me

Beyond what was
Beyond what is
Beyond what is to come
Beyond all else - I am His

With Him I stand in peace
By His side I stand in mercy
Holding His hand I stand on The Rock
I stand on The Word that He has given me

Beyond all that seems possible in human eyes
Beyond all that experience would tell me
Beyond all that I deserve
Beyond all I think could - or could not be

He speaks and I am blest by His promises
He looks at me and I am blest to gaze at His face
He draws me near and I am blest by who He is
I am blest to know He is with me in this race...

From here - to The Great Beyond

LN Maher
©2001 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (2/10)

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