Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Assembly of Prayer"

“Assembly Of Prayer”

Our spirits are restless and our minds are full
A million thoughts try to cloud our mind
As we reach to your hand for a miracle
Father forgive us, help us seek your will
Teach us how to pray. Teach us to be still

Help us to be on revival’s daily path
Come touch the souls of this land
Help us touch those headed for your wrath
Send wisdom to the leaders of your church today
May your heart be in the ministries you give us each day

Bring your peace to our families... be in our homes
Bring healing to the captives
Let us know we are never alone
Hold the children safely in your hands
Let us move in warfare, as only you command

Teach us your ways... come into our schools
Bring peace to Jerusalem
Come Lord in victory and teach us your rules
Be our stronghold in the day of trouble
Strengthen our leaders... let sin’s wall crumble

Fill our hearts with joy to reach the world
Let us seek your face
Until the heavens are unfurled
Thank you for the time to run to you
With your vision we see life from your view

LN Maher
©1998 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (3/1)

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