Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"While I Miss You"

“While I Miss You”

I know you said that you are with me
Every moment of the day
And that you dwell within the very depths of my heart
That you’ve placed reminders of your presence
In all I see, and the words I hear you say
Still there’s something deep inside that misses you

I long to be forever in the presence
of a love that knows no end
That is pure and deep and will never change
To know a time with nothing to hide and nothing to fear
The pure embrace of the love of a friend
To have you touch that something deep inside that misses you

But while I miss you:
There are smiles to be shared
Spaces to fill with laughter
Gifts to be given
Homes to be made
Meals to be enjoyed
Wrongs to be forgiven
Stories to be told
Wounds to be healed
And so much more there is to do…
Here on Earth to see it as it is in Heaven

So give me grace for the times
That I wait here for Eternity
Longing to forever be in the presence of only Love
And give me hope in the times
I see you in the ones around me
Fill that something deep inside that misses you

L. N. Maher
2012 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (1/10)
There are times when we just find ourselves longing for a time when there will be no more suffering because of the sin that is in the world... Yet God calls us on... to reach the world with His love...When we come to a place where we don't know what else to do... And He is not finished with our time here...We realize that there is a place within us that just misses being in the sinless presence of the love of God.

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