Tuesday, January 15, 2013

“When Tears Fall”

“When Tears Fall”

I’ve cried through movement… longing for touch
Desperately seeking the love I’ve wanted so much
My emotions won’t be revealed through teardrops in my eyes
Because I thought the teardrops blocked the beauty of the skies

At times the beauty of the skies… has brought sight of reality
As I am taken away from the illusions that torture me
Illusions built on lies… sometimes come from dark of night
As a spirit of fear… tries to take me from the fight

Then the clouds rush in… I loose to illusions… covering the sky
I know I need a friend much stronger than me, to take them from my eyes
As I face the clouds I know… I don’t have to be afraid
Of all the fear and darkness… the shadows have made

With courage from God I cry… let go of desperation
Let tears fall from my eyes… realize the victory cannot stay up in the skies
With this… The strength is here… through God’s sacrifice… made for us all
And with acceptance of the sacrifice… illusions mean nothing at all

LN Maher
© 1992 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (4/2)

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