Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"After the Rooster Crows"

“After the Rooster Crows”
Luke 24:12

God, I have failed you, rejected and veiled your power
I have turned my head and heart away from your love
God, my lack of faith has nailed you to the cross
I have seen my brothers run away
Even though you could stop this pain you stay

And you say,
“Father forgive them… Father forgive them… Father forgive them…
For they know not what they do.”

God, I seek your face still… I’m searching for your will and for your power
Help me turn my head and heart to your love
God, let your love fill me with faith to see the cross
Please let me see your people run with you
Even though you are creator you stay in my view

And you say,
“You are forgiven… you are forgiven… you are forgiven…
In me you’re clean in all you do.”

God, I love you, thank you and praise you for giving me your power
You fill my head and heart with your love
God, you’ve given me faith to see the love you gave at the cross
You fill my heart with dancing, and I run with you
Because you took my pain I have clear view

And you say,
“I have forgiven you… I have forgiven you… I have forgiven you…
come celebrate life with me.”

LN Maher
© 1997 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (3/12)

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