Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Calling To Fly"

“Calling To Fly”

Standing at the top of the cliff crumbling beneath my feet
I take a leap of faith to where you’re calling to me
Falling toward you as fear grips my heart
I call out to you hoping you’re there
But as I come to the place I heard your voice calling me to be
I find only air

Falling faster now than I ever have before
The stones beneath me become larger
With every moment that slips away
I try to breath
But the air moves too fast
The stones are getting closer
I will soon be crushed
Oh God!  How long will the pain last 

In abandon I spread my arms to die
Close my eyes, and imagine what it will be like to be Home
A feeling I have never known before comes from beneath me
I open my eyes
Expecting to see my final moment

Only to see that I am flying - I am flying
So high above the crumbling mountain peaks - I am flying
Soaring among the clouds
Drifting above the troubled waters
Floating above the ground
I am flying You are holding me
The wind that holds my wings

You call me to fly,
and send me back - This is not my time to die
You send me back to the ruins of the crumbled mountains
You call me to fly
To tell of the life you bring - To bring you people to you
To echo your voice calling out - Of your calling to fly

LN Maher
©2000 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (9/16)

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