Tuesday, January 8, 2013



I’ve mistaken Him for a gardener at the place of death
The One who called me out of darkness
The One who breathed in me life’s breath
The One who came from Heaven’s glory
To pay the price of sin and shame
I’ve mistaken Him for something less
But still He calls my name…

He calls me to know Him as He is
He calls me child
He calls me to give my life
He calls me more than I can call myself
He calls me to walk in His goodness
He calls me His

I’ve mistaken Him for the darkness that I saw
The One who spoke and brought the light
The One who formed me and called me to stand in awe
The One who’s goodness
Is so much more than I can understand
I’ve mistaken Him for what I see in me..
But still He calls me to stand…

He is teaching me to know
The One He truly is
He is walking with me, talking with me
Calling me by the name He’s given to me
Showing the goodness He’s placed all around me
He is calling me His

Ellen Maher
(c) 2012 Echoes of The Lion's Roar (8/30)

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