Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Story of a Storm"

“Story Of A Storm”

-Lightning flashing
-Thunder crashing
-The waves are coming in
-Quickly sinking
-Fear is raging
-My heart feels like it’s going under

Through the darkness there comes a light
A voice calls to me through the night
From this ship I cannot see clearly
Do I dare to trust what I feel
The storm cannot hide the light I see
I know there’s only one way to know if it’s real

-Is it You Lord
-Could it be
-I want so much to be with You
-Lord I need You
-Call me to where You are
-Raise me to higher place

The voice I could never forget
Calling to me, and yet…
Oh Lord I come to You
Under my feet is the very thing that sought to consume me
The storm cannot hide the light I see
I come to The One who calls me to be

-Walking on the water
-I see Your face
-But then I drop my gaze
-Falling so fast
-The water takes me
-“This must be my time to die”

Suddenly, You take my hand
I look to find – again I stand
You take me back to my ship and calm the storm
You go with me and touch the ones on the other shore
In you I find all I need
I walk with You – You guide me – I never need to ask for more

LN Maher
© 2000 Echoes Of The Lion’s Roar (7/25)

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