Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Each Song I Pray"

“Each Song I Pray”

The silence of my lips is not meant as a rejection
I need time to see inside the true reflection
Another song- another crisis past
Your words break through and I find that joy can last

The ink on the paper speaks so much more than my mouth can say
The rhyme puts into words the thoughts my mind can only weakly pray
You touch me in the words you bring through my hand
I find I can touch you in the song and somehow understand

You bring life and hope- joy and peace
Love and freedom- knowledge and release
I hear you sing to me in a voice that calls my name
With each new song I find I’ll never be the same

Ch:Jesus, your name is written on my heart
I want to thank you, please teach me where to start
I need you- more and more each day
I find all I need in you in each song I pray

LN Maher
©1999 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (4/12/97-6/9/99)

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