Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Hand In Hand With God"

“Hand in Hand With God”

Yeshua, my Lord and my King
Deliverance comes as I sing
As I reach my hand to you
I touch the clouds... your power pulls me through
I’m brought to where you are
I find healing in your scars

Messiah, my God and Savior
Healing comes as I crown you as Lord
As I touch your hand,
Peace comes... I understand
With the power you bring
I find the notes to sing

Jehovah, my refuge and peace
I am free, I’ve found my release
As I look in your eyes
I stand in freedom... to my surprise
All fear is gone and I can see
We walk hand in hand... you and me

Oh, come and fill us
Come and touch us
Lord, come be with us
We need your peace

LN Maher
©1998 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (1/17-22)

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