Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Seeming Contradictions"

“Seeming Contradictions”

The empty pages seem so lonely
So hard to shake the feeling there is only me - there is only me
That the walls around my heart will never allow anything else to b
Their silence mocks me and my desire to be free

A moment of inspiration - A quiet exaltation - I can not deny
From deep inside I hear my heart cry
“Freedom!  Freedom!”
From the pain that holds me captive - the fear that steals my liberty
I find a moment of truth - In your embrace I’m free
“Freedom!  Freedom!”

I come to you and hold on with all my might
Knowing I can never leave until you bless this flight
“Freedom!  Freedom!”
And in the struggle to hold on to you
I find the strength to believe - I am free
“Freedom!  Freedom!”

The walls of my own making lie in the dust
I find in watching their breaking - a sacred trust
I give you this day - I give you all of my life
Every waking moment - joy and pain, laughter and strife
All the fear and sorrow - all the guilt and shame
Melt away in your embrace - as I hear you call my name

 LN Maher
©2000 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (8/26)

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