Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Enough And More"

“Enough and More”

Enough!  Enough of the emptiness
Enough!  Enough of the pain that leaves me less
And less feeling inside
Leaves me needing to be found… wanting to hide

Enough!  Enough of the food that will not fill
Enough!  Enough of the hunger that leaves me – hunched over
And over and over again – devouring the tasteless morsels beside me
Instead of the feast you set before me

Enough!  Enough of my own will getting in the way
Enough!  Enough of not listening to what you say
And saying all the wrong words at the wrong time
Missing the message you send in the rhymes

Enough!  I need enough of you to drown out my one-man-show
Enough!  I want enough of you to overflow
And flow to the ones you send me
So I can realize – I have more than Enough!

LN Maher
© 1997 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar

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