Thursday, January 10, 2013

"An Image of A Better Day"

“An Image Of A Better Day”

Staring at a blank screen in front of me.
A tiny blinking line taunts my eyes
My mind is so filled with inconsistencies,
I’ve given up on trying to understand the inner cries.

A tune rings through my ears and I close my eyes.
I try to understand the words I hear,
But the memories of the battles and the sacrifice –
Attempt to bring me closer to the fear

Then The words come louder through my mind.
Calling – seek deeper in – reach out your hand
Listen – and be amazed at what you find
Come and see what lies beyond the “Shadowlands.”

Joy and singing, laughter and dancing
Children smiling, lovers romancing
All this is waiting on the other side.
Past the current of pain and tides of fear
Through the ugliness that’s held on through the years
All sorrow will be banished in God’s sight.

I breathe in the words that bring in life
Hold close to the hand that’s holding mine
Let go of the struggle and the fight
That hold me down – my world is defined

I lift my head and whisper – a prayer of thanks
A moment in God’s presence, has taken fear away
Finally, I can breathe again – I find the water’s banks
And the “Shadowlands” are only an image of a better day.

LN Maher
© 1997 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (9/30)

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