Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The song list by date so far...

“Echoes Of The Lion’s Roar”

1.    Recognition
2.   "Too Much To Say"
3.   “While I Miss You”
4.   “The Strength of The Broken”
5.   “Another Day”
6.   “Something More”
7.   "The Miracle of Love"
8.   “Only You”
9.   “What Will Be”
10. “Desert In My Rear View Mirror”
11.  “He Said He’s Coming Soon!”
12. “Waking Up”
13. “I Remain”
14. "As The Storm Begins To Move"
15. “Broken Road”
16. “Its Only A Moment”
17. “A ‘Simple’ Prayer”
18. "When The Rocks Get Silent”
19. “This Day I Need You”
20.“There Is A Better Place”
21. “Sweet Voice Home”
23. “NEW DAY”
24. “Holy and Perfect”
25. “The Last Words From My Lips”
27.“Silmarillion... Let’s Go For A Walk!”
28.“The Sun Still Rises”
29.“Closer To You”
30.“I Will Remember You”
31. “Waiting To Smell The Coffee”
33.“I Could Praise You”
34.“Dance Above The Clouds”
35.“Calling To Fly”
36.“Seeming Contradictions”
37.“Look To See The Son”
38.“Story Of A Storm”
39.“Life In The Shadowlands”
40.“You Made Me To Be”
41. “Just Breathe”
42.“It’ll Be”
43.“Every Prayer”
44.“I Will Arise”
45.“Much More”
46. "The Whisper Through The Wind"
47. “Just To Be HOME”
48. “Your Way Home”
49. “Go With God and Grow”
50. "Around Another Time"
51. “Ride With THE SON”
52. “Open My Eyes”
53. “The Walls Are Gone”
54. “Madmen and Martyrs”
55. “Waiting To Smell The Coffee”
56. “I Need You”
57.“Each Song I Pray”
58.“Wanting More”
59.“Cry of The Garden”
60.“Encounter At Gerasenes”
61. Waiting
63.“I Speak To You From My Heart”
64.“It is”
65.“Come And Rest In My Heart”
66. “A Token of Your Great Love”
67. “Joy Complete”
68. “To You & Me”
69. “Song From Heaven”
70.From Doubt to Grace”
71. “The Villager”
72. “What Is To Come”
73.“Assembly Of Prayer”
74.“In This Overcome”
75.“Hand in Hand With God”
76.“Where The Water Meets The Sky”
77.“Try Again”
78.“Remember Me”
79.“The Bird At The Window”
80.“A Choice For Freedom”
81. “Want To Come Home”
82.“A Glimpse Into Heaven’s Eyes”
83.“11:22 (Bus Trip)”
84.“To The Lord of All I Have & Will Be” 
85.“Ready For All I Used To Be” 
86.“A Song For The Journey”
87.“Holy Tears”
88.“An Image Of A Better Day”
89.“JOY In Our Time”
90.“Enough and More”
91. “Back To You Again”
92.“A Declaration of Contentment”
93.“The Friends Beyond The Walls”
94.“A Time to Search…”
95.“Echoes of The Lion’s Roar”
96.“Come Again Lord”
97.“It Should Be Me On My Knees”
98.“After the Rooster Crows”
99.“I Want To Be A Lion”
100.           “Make This House A Home”
101.           “That’s The Holy Spirit
102.           “A Prayer From The Garden”
103.            “We Are Thankful”
104.            “When Winter is Upon You”
105.            “Go Sin No More”
106.           “New Doors”
107.           “When Tears Fall”
108.           “At The Foot of The Cross”
109.           “To The Gardener”
110.           “Merry Merry-Go-Round”

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