Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"It Should Be Me On My Knees"

“It Should Be Me On My Knees”
John 13:8

The dust on my feet is caked on my skin
The filth it carries contaminates within
Teacher, don’t let it be me that betrays your happy soul
Lord, why did you ever choose me?  How can I reach the goal

The trust in your eyes moves through me and I feel the pain I’ve hid so long
How could you trust someone like me?  Why do you fill my heart with song?
What is this you’re doing Lord?  It should be me on my knees
Why would you touch the feet of one who’s walked in sin?  Leave me please…

Let me get up Lord… Let me go away
I think the pain will kill me… if you make me stay
Why are there tears in your eyes?
Now I know your gentle touch is the answer to my constant cries

As you wash my feet I see I’m made clean… free from the pain of sin
Clean!!! Only your love can come in
Clean!!!  My feet now know the joy of the dance
Clean!!!  I see in your eyes, the offering of another chance

LN Maher
© 1997 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (3/25)

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