Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"The Walls Are Gone"

“The Walls Are Gone”

I don’t remember why I had built the walls so high
It seemed that if I could climb them I could touch the sky
It was so closed and empty inside those stone cold walls
Still I cringed with fear each time I heard God’s echoing calls

I tried to break the walls with everything I had
But they stood and mocked as I fought to cry when I felt sad
The voice of God called to me to hope for more
Than I could ever throw upon the walls that held me from The Lord

I heard God’s voice and knew I must join in what was in my ears
I lifted my voice and praised God for all he had done through the years
Another sound joined our song - It was the crumbling of stones
I found freedom was only inches away - I found I was not alone

I walked past the confines of the ruble and rock
I turned around and wonder what it was I was trying to block
I now know the feelings I had hid from for so long
I could never trade the joy and passion of God’s song

LN Maher
©1999 Echoes of The Lion’s Roar (6/20)

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